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Ocean City – Dine like a local
There are hundreds of places to eat in Ocean City, but where do the locals go?  You probably wont be surprised to know that we don’t eat crab feasts every day. In fact thats reserved for when we have guests visiting and they insist on getting true eastern shore flavor.

So MissingOC’s list of restaurants does not include those with the big neon signs that you can’y miss when you drive along Coastal Highway.  Its made up of those that you might miss when you are here, ones that we have tried ourselves and go back to time after time.  They are often ones where we find that the prices are great value in relation to what we get on our plates and where we see special attention paid to the quality of the food.

So take a look and try them yourself.  We dont think that you will be dissapointed. And please leave us your comments about them afterwards.

For your convenience we have divided our list into locations. Simply click on the maps below to see our choices.

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