OC South of Rt90 Bridge

OC Dining – South of Rt.90 Bridge

I have to say that the boardwalk end of town is not one that we visit regularly.  Its so busy in the summer and a lot of the Restaurants close in the winter.  However we do get down there when we have guests and relatives in town.  So here are the spots that we gravitate to when we can.  

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Harrisons Harbour Watch – Fabulous views over the Inlet and Assateague Island.  Specializes in fresh fish prepared the way you want it. Make sure you get a seat right by the windows and watch the boats negotiate the swirling waters. Reasonably priced.
Macky’s Bayside – Arrive by boat or by land. Macky’s is right n the bay and even has a small beach are with tables in the sand.  Food is typical OC fare and the kids like to play at the waters edge.
Fagers Island Traditional Sunset ceremony is the speciality. Fagers has it all. Standard dining fare with nice bay views, Tiki bars and outside areas, Fine-dining room and the whole place turns into a nightclub after dark.
Fish Tales – Located at Bahia Marina on 21st St, Fishtales is a very poular location.  Stroll around the docks and see the boats, lounge bayside and let the kids play in the large sand-filled play area.  Specials can be good. Another after dark night spot.
OC Wasabi Our favorite Japanese spot in the area and loved by the locals. Offers more than just standard sushi-bar fare, with more traditional Japanese dishes available. Small area in front where you can sit on the floor and eat off a low table just like in Japan.
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de Lazy Lizard – On bayside nr the RT.50 Bridge, this is a great spot to sit in the Adirondack chairs at the bayside and watch the boats coming and going through the bridge.  Food reasonable and nice outdoor area with bar and seating to relax after a day in the sun.
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Ky West – A relatively new and welcome addition to the OC scene. Stylish contemporary restaurant with good food and extensive cocktail menu. 

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