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Below are the latest reports on the Ocean City Real Estate Market from MissingOceanCity.com.  Click on the links to view, download and print.  And please leave us your thoughts in the comments section!

April 2015 Sales reviewMay 2015 – What happened in April? The best deals and a look at the year so far for OC properties

OC March best deals and Q1 2015 reviewApril 2015 – See the best OC deals in March and see how the market has fared in the first quarter of 2015.

OC Best deals Feb – March 2015 – See what sold at the highest discount to its final listing price last month.

Its all about negotiation Feb 15 – February 2015 – Like any market, negotiation is they key. How and how much can you do.

OC Condos 20 years to 2014 – February 2015 – How have Condo prices and fees changed since 1995?

Looking at 2015 – January 2015 – Three reasons why Ocean City property will rise in 2015

OC 2014 by the numbers – January 2015 – How did the OC market fare in 2014?

PMR Oceanfronts to Oct 2014 – November 2014 – A look at pricing and performance of Oceanfront home sales since 2011.

How seasonal are Oceanfronts – November 2014 –  Maybe this will change your mind on when to sell an Oceanfront.

PMR Stocks v property – October 2014 – A look at how the local property market compares to the stock market.

Market review 2009 to 2014  – September 2014  – Days on market in Ocean City area decrease while Sale/List price ratio is at 6 year high.

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